Books that put YOU in Charge!

Books that put YOU in charge!

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News for Readers and Users of Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery:

July 2010:  The Continuing Your Stroke Recovery Workbook is underway!  This will be a workbook containing just the minimum of Recovery Plan essentials along with 3 months of additional blank worksheet pages for those who want to continue their recovery plans without buying the original Workbook again.  It will be spiral bound, thinner, with fewer pages, and cost less than the first book.  Stay tuned - coming soon!

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Please write us to let us know of your progress and successes with the recovery plans!  We want to know your experiences and take note of any improvements you want to suggest based on your experiences.  And if you have any questions, please email them to us so we can get you through any rough spots!  We want to continue to  inspire others to recover in any way we can. 

Please email us at strokerecovery@takingchargebooks.com.  We really look forward to hearing from you!

- Roger and Kathy Maxwell and Daveda Lamont
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