Books that put YOU in Charge!

Books that put YOU in charge!

About the Books
Why is There a TAKING CHARGETM  Series of Workbooks?

To help you get things done!

Taking Charge Books thinks people ARE strong and capable enough to do just about anything. But they often need to find out HOW to take charge of things to succeed. Taking Charge Books collects all the hard-to-track-down information and puts everything in one place. 

Taking Charge Books refuses to accept that something is a "fact" when it has not been proven to be true and we defy "authority" when it is wrong. We will show you how to do something even when others have maintained it is impossible.

A Taking ChargeTM Workbook is practical, not theoretical. It tells the reader exactly what to do. Its plans fit into normal budgets and schedules. Taking Charge Books' recovery workbooks are written by people who have successfully recovered.  Our books are empowering, and help the reader take charge!

Stroke Recovery Books

Stroke survivors' rehabilitation normally ends long before they are fully recovered from their stroke.  Presently, when rehabilitation ends, most stroke survivors remain permanently disabled.  But YOU DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS OR ANY DISABILITY CAUSED BY YOUR STROKE. 
TAKING CHARGE of Your Stroke Recovery: A Personal Recovery Workbook - How to Pick Up When Rehab Ends, Complete Your Recovery and Be Better Than You Ever Were Before! is packed with useful, helpful information and tells every stroke survivor exactly what they need to do to maximize their recovery from stroke.

Whether you want to walk better, talk better, swallow better, use your hands better, see better, think better, follow the instructions of a health professional better, or fight fatigue,
TAKING CHARGE of Your Stroke Recovery:  A Personal Recovery Workbook has a personal recovery plan for you.  There is even a place for you to design and write in your own special recovery program.

TAKING CHARGE of Your Stroke Recovery: A Personal Recovery Workbook was written by three professionals:  a stroke survivor who developed and successfully implemented his own stroke recovery program and recovered fully from his stroke, a stroke caregiver with extensive experience in stroke survivor caregiving, and a healthcare writer who has made the recovery plans as clear and as helpful as possible for stroke survivors.


TAKING CHARGE of Your Stroke Recovery
by Roger Maxwell
(availability to be announced)  

This book will give you all the detailed information and insight that can help you understand the mechanics behind stroke, how the brain functions, why and how it is possible to recover the functions and abilities lost during a stroke, how to recover from a stroke, and much more. It is the perfect companion to our stroke recovery workbook described above.

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