Books that put YOU in Charge!

Books that put YOU in charge!

About the Authors
Roger Maxwell had a massive cerebellar stroke in March 2003.  He had emergency neurosurgery and spent nine weeks in the hospital.  In July 2003, Roger's standard medical treatment and rehabilitation ended.  Although traditional rehab enabled Roger to function in a very basic manner, he remained severely disabled, unable to walk or talk clearly.  Roger took charge of his own stroke recovery.  He taught himself to walk again, and is now a marathon runner.  He taught himself to talk again, and has spoken in court and to clients and colleagues as a full-time working patent attorney.  Roger knows that every stroke survivor can recover fully from stroke and become even better than he or she was before. TAKING CHARGE of Your Stroke Recovery:  A Personal Recovery Workbook includes Roger's successful actions in the form of plans that can be adopted by anyone.

Even though Kathy Maxwell didn't plan to become a stroke caregiver, less than six months after she married Roger he nearly died of a stroke, and those circumstances made her one.  Kathy quit work and for a year devoted herself full-time to taking care of Roger and  helping him recover from his stroke.  Kathy understands stroke survivors completely; she knows how to help stroke survivors recover, and her extensive experience is incorporated into
TAKING CHARGE of Your Stroke Recovery:  A Personal Recovery Workbook.

Daveda Lamont is a professional healthcare writer who takes great satisfaction in enabling people to throw off their limitations and succeed. She knows how to make instructions as clear and helpful as possible and contribute valuable insights to round out the content of the manuscript. 
TAKING CHARGE of Your Stroke Recovery:  A Personal Recovery Workbook has been significantly shaped by Daveda.
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