Books that put YOU in Charge!

Books that put YOU in charge!

"This book was a great resource that I used for my own family." 
        - Derrick M. DeSilva, Jr., M.D., Attending Staff, Raritan Bay Medical Center, New Jersey
             and host of  "Ask Dr. DeSilva" on HealthRadio.net

"Really good book.
This book has a lot of good ideas that I am using for my husband - thanks."
       - Y.D.

"Offers hope and means to organize and measure steps towards recovery ... I like that the book does not accept limits on the extent of potential recovery or the time within which recovery can still occur."
       - L.
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Introducing a helpful, innovative new book... 

Taking Charge of your Stroke Recovery:
A Personal Recovery Workbook

How to Pick Up When Rehab Ends, Complete Your Recovery and
Be Better Than You Ever Were Before!

by Roger Maxwell, Kathy Maxwell and Daveda Lamont

- A Taking ChargeTM  Workbook -

Do any of these describe you or your situation?

  • You had a stroke
  • You got home from your hospital rehab and you still could barely
    function or get around
  • The insurance company won't pay for any more rehab
  • You were told there was nothing you could do to get better and
    you just had to "wait and see"!
  • You don't want to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair or dependent
    on a walker or other people
  • You want to get your speech, vision, thought and cognitive abilities - everything - back to normal!
  • You don't know how to continue your recovery and realize these goals
  • Your family and caregivers don't know how to help you realize these goals

Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery:


Even if you've been told something different, rest assured that you do not  have a limited time within which you must recover, or never will. In fact, there are no  limits on how fully you can recover. But you are going to have to take charge of things in order to succeed. This unique innovative workbook  presents clear, simple, and effective practical plans that take you from where you are now to recovery from the most common stroke disabilities. These plans enable you to be capable and active again. 

Detailed recovery plans assist you to recover your ability to walk unaided, see better, speak better, think better, use your hands, swallow better, and relieve single-sided weakness.  A nutritional plan helps your brain and body heal and get back up to speed. Daily and Weekly worksheets are provided to allow you to track your progress over 3 months.
The workbook even provides a place for you to write in your or your healthcare advisor's personalized or supplemental recovery plans, should you choose. The convenient spiral-bound edition enables you to fold back the pages for easy writing on the worksheet pages.

The extent of your stroke damage, your previous physical condition, your age - none of these matter. Make no mistake, there is plenty of work involved - but you will be in charge and there is no limit to how much you can achieve. What could be more worthwhile than literally getting your life back!

The authors of TAKING CHARGE of Your Stroke Recovery:  A Personal Recovery Workbook are uniquely qualified to offer these effective, helpful recovery plans.

In 2003, just under six months after his wedding, Roger Maxwell had a massive stroke. His doctors initially gave him a 5% chance of survival and later said he would never walk without a cane. But he wasn't willing to accept that "life sentence" and took matters into his own hands. With the close assistance of his wife, Kathy, they set about researching and devising exercises and drills to help him recover full functionality. Today, as a result of the exercises plans and drills he and Kathy implemented, Roger has fully recovered and all his physical functions and faculties are better than they were prior to his stroke. He has resumed his full-time career and is also an enthusiastic marathon runner.

Roger's experience, Kathy's unique perspective as Roger's caregiver and Daveda Lamont's professional healthcare writing abilities have all gone into making this recovery workbook as clear, helpful and effective as possible. Additionally, all exercise plans have been approved by a professional rehabilitation expert and are based on scientific principles proven to be the most effective ways to exercise. All the authors take the greatest satisfaction in assisting stroke survivors to help themselves complete their recovery.

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Please note!  The authors recommend that you purchase the spiral bound edition, newly reduced price. It is MUCH more convenient to take with you as you exercise because the spiral bound binding makes it much easier to write in and keep track of your stroke recovery progress.

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